Selling a Volkswagon like it’s a Ronco

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Selling a Volkswagon like it’s a Ronco


I absolutely love this demonstration. It reminds me of the kind of boardwalk-style pitches that Ron Popeil became famous for. Ad people tend to snicker at infomercials, but if executed properly, infomercials absolutely can drive sales.

Actually, it’s easy for those of us in the ad industry to get wrapped up in things like positive messaging and brand awareness. But for a lot of businesses, it’s a clever and passionate sales force that really generates customers.

Consider the following further reading:

Gladwell, Malcolm. What the Dog Saw and Other Adventures. New York: Back Bay /Little Brown, 2010. Print.

In one section of this book, Gladwell writes a really compelling profile on Ron Popeil that’s well worth reading. You’ll gain new respect for Popeil’s ability to create a product and sell the heck out of it. There’s a lot more to him than the Food Dehydrator and the Showtime Standard Rotisserie.