We wanted more hikes before the end of summer, so we planned a one-day adventure out by Saskatchewan Crossing: Siffleur Falls. Driving past the other hot-spots on the David Thompson that morning, we kept seeing signs that the trailheads were all overflowing. But we pressed on, hopeful that we’d still be able to park once we got there.

Thankfully, the trailhead was busy, but not overflowing. Siffleur Falls is the kind of hike that is overwhelmed by smokers with teacup dogs. It’s got a gentle, nearly non-existent elevation gain that makes it popular with those that are looking for maximum payoff and minimum effort. “Can I do it in my flip-flops?”

Which makes it so worthwhile to push on past the crowd of people at the falls, on to the less populated part of the trail beyond. That’s where you’ll get great views of the peaks above the canyon.