Jeepin’ at Abraham Lake

On a sunny Sunday morning this October, I hopped in the Jeep and headed out to Abraham Lake. My maps showed a good selection of trails that were open to on-highway vehicles, and I was itching to get off-road before the snow starts falling.

I never did find any trails that allowed me and my Jeep, but the scenery I found on the side of the highway was worth the trip. Maybe next time I’ll leave enough time for a hike too.

Clearing a backlog

I have a backlog of photography that I hadn’t processed or posted in the past two years. I’ll be posting these albums and one-offs over the next few weeks/months in order to catch up.

Grotto Creek Canyon Trail

In the late spring I dragged the family out to the Grotto Creek Canyon Trail in Kananaskis. We’d attempted the hike before, when the kids were much younger, without success. This time we made it past the brush under the powerlines to the good bit — actually hiking up the creek.