Consolation Lakes

I was in Lake Louise to hike and practise landscape photography. Unfortunately, an old injury had flared up and made it difficult to walk. So much for hiking, I thought.

My first attempt to visit Morraine Lake was thwarted when the road to the lake closed at 7:30 AM because the lot was full. I was better prepared the next morning, arriving at 6:30 AM, and made it onto the road just before it closed (and before the sunrise).

While I wanted to tackle a more challenging hike, I thought better of it and opted for the aptly named Consoltaion Lakes Trail. The reward/difficulty ratio was nearly as good as other trails at the lake, as this trail is nearly flat.

Sentinel Pass via Larch Valley Trail

If you can make it to Morraine Lake, make sure you go early and pack enough to keep you well-nourished for most of the day. Undoubtedly, first-time visitors get caught up exploring the giant rock pile and stunning lake. But make sure to set aside time for the hikes that start out at Morraine Lake. The most popular of these hikes is probably Sentinel Pass via Larch Valley.

This is not a casual hike. There’s up to 792m of elevation gain, depending how high up you go.