Troll Falls

Getting the kids out for a hike can be a challenge. I try to do my research first, but between driving and managing everyone on the trip, I may not have a chance to properly vet all of our hikes first. For adults this is ok, but taking my kids on a lacklustre hike is bad news for everyone.

Troll Falls was one that I didn’t know what to expect. A good hike for kids has a payoff destination, a place that you’re going to that’s worth going to. Troll Falls delivered. The kids even thanked me after.

Elk Island

When I think of Canada’s National Parks, my mind automatically goes to the parks that are strung along the Trans Canada Highway. Banff. Glacier. Yoho. Revelstoke. I forget that there is a national park 40 minutes from my door (instead of 4 hours).

Within a couple of hours of being there, my card was full.

Lake Minnewanka Area

Usually when I’m in Banff I skip over the Minnewanka area of the park. It feels pretty touristy, too close to the townsite, and without a lot of reward.

One year I left Edmonton at about 3:00 AM on my way to the Okanagan. I pulled into Canmore for gas just before 7:00 AM. When I got out, the air smelled amazing. Absolutely unreal. I called Joanna to tell her about it. I drove on west, and decided to check out the lakes north of the Banff Townsite. Maybe it’s because it was early morning on a beautiful day, but everything was calm, and just starting to wake up. Easily the best stop I made on that trip.

Forever Lake Louise

Lake Louise is easily my favourite place, any season. Winter months have my favourite skiing destination. You can find me on the Larch side, skiing the relatively deserted green runs entirely too fast. But the summer months really shine. Incredibly rewarding hiking trails are there, though most visitors don’t get past the shores of the lake.

Then if you’re willing to venture out from the Chateau grounds, you can visit the destinations nearby. Morraine Lake is a lot like Lake Louise, but even more beautiful. It’s one of the most photographed places in the world, even if it’s become far more difficult to access for its popularity. There are some pretty amazing hikes there as well.

Lake Louise is also at the southern tip of the Icefields Parkway. And if you’re willing to drive a few minutes up there, you’ll find plenty of awesome hikes, breathtaking mountains, and beautiful vistas that don’t see as many tour buses.

Consolation Lakes

I was in Lake Louise to hike and practise landscape photography. Unfortunately, an old injury had flared up and made it difficult to walk. So much for hiking, I thought.

My first attempt to visit Morraine Lake was thwarted when the road to the lake closed at 7:30 AM because the lot was full. I was better prepared the next morning, arriving at 6:30 AM, and made it onto the road just before it closed (and before the sunrise).

While I wanted to tackle a more challenging hike, I thought better of it and opted for the aptly named Consoltaion Lakes Trail. The reward/difficulty ratio was nearly as good as other trails at the lake, as this trail is nearly flat.

Sentinel Pass via Larch Valley Trail

If you can make it to Morraine Lake, make sure you go early and pack enough to keep you well-nourished for most of the day. Undoubtedly, first-time visitors get caught up exploring the giant rock pile and stunning lake. But make sure to set aside time for the hikes that start out at Morraine Lake. The most popular of these hikes is probably Sentinel Pass via Larch Valley.

This is not a casual hike. There’s up to 792m of elevation gain, depending how high up you go.

Wedgewood Ravine

I used to go walking through Wedgewood Ravine every morning before the kids got up. While I’ve since replaced my walks with more intense gym workouts, I miss how beautiful it was to be in nature at sunrise.

Ptarmigan Cirque

The Highwood Pass is the highest paved pass in Canada, at 7,238 ft above sea level. And right at the top of the pass is where the Ptarmigan Cirque starts.

Despite the intimidating start, this is actually a very accessible hike, and one of the first hikes my kids actually enjoyed. Most of the 355m of elevation gain is right at the start, so it levels out pretty quickly into the alpine meadows.