Bodyform Talks Straight About the Period

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Bodyform Maxipads created this great video in response to a Facebook post that calls them out – humourously – for not accurately portraying the experience of a woman’s menstrual cycle. It’s great to see this kind of tongue-in-cheek, fun responses from a major brand; it gives the brand character and builds the brand’s believability.

Thx, Ads of the World.


Lamborghini Countach, an Outrageous Design

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This fascinating video outlines just how poorly – and beautifully – designed the Lamborghini Countach is. I like this as an example of how to break the rules of design, using wretched excess.

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Another collection of really clever advertising or creative work from around the web.

Consumer confidence at all-time lows.

From the Barcelona Metro.


Content Strategy for The Web


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This book is aimed at helping teams tasked with managing larger websites get a handle on the content they work with. The book has an effective way of auditing the existing content, so you can make better plans for new content. One section that I really liked advocated the use of website style guidelines for content; a powerful tool for keeping your messaging tight and consistent.

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Time for another round-up of assorted communications that I found charming, clever, or otherwise noteworthy. (more…)


Facebook | The Things That Connect Us


A neat little video made by Facebook.

Inspirational brand videos like this one are a great tool to reinvigorate a company’s workforce; especially after a rebrand. It’s an essential part of the branding process that can realign people’s thinking, and bring them on-board with a new brand program. Keep in mind that people naturally resist change, even if it’s for the better, and videos like this can help prevent employee push-back.

Doing good design is easy. But doing great design requires a great client.
Michael Osborne